About AndBeyond

About &Beyond

&Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised high-end tours in 15 countries in Africa, five in Asia and four in South America. The company also owns and operates 29 extraordinary safari lodges and camps, as well as set-departure expeditions, throughout Africa; which positively impact more than 9 million acres of wildlife land.

Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel, conservation and community empowerment has been globally recognised with multiple awards over the years. We offer warm local hospitality and sublime natural luxury that combine with interpretive natural experiences led by highly-skilled guides and rangers.


With a brand that is globally recognised and respected, &Beyond is a leader in conservation, sustainability and the delivery of extraordinary guest experiences. At &Beyond, warm local hospitality and sublime natural luxury combine with an interpretive natural experiences led by highly-skilled guides and rangers.

Conservation wins

Beginning with the company’s groundbreaking conservation achievements during the restocking of Phinda Private Game Reserve, &Beyond has continued to take part in a number of conservation successes. Its approach to the creation of this reserve, from the underlying conservation issues to its interaction with the community, would prove to be the foundation on which all &Beyond’s subsequent projects were to be built. Since then the company has embarked on a variety of pioneering conservation initiatives, both in Africa and beyond. Some of its most comprehensive conservation victories are described below.

  • Gaur translocation in India
    &Beyond was at the forefront of the ground-breaking mass translocation of 19 gaur (Indian bison) at Bandhavgarh National Park in India, the first successful reversal of a local extinction by means of the mass translocation of wild animals in the country.
  • A decade of leopard research
    The MunYaWana Leopard Project, a collaboration between &Beyond and Panthera, a USA-based philanthropic association focused on the conservation of the world’s 37 species of wild cats was conducted at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, resulting in regulations for sustainable leopard trophy hunting and a stricter system of permits for the control of problem animals.
  • Mnemba Island Marine Conservation Area
    In 2005, &Beyond worked with the Zanzibar Department of Fisheries and members of local Zanzibari fishing communities to form the Mnemba Island Marine Conservation Area (MIMCA).
  • Green turtle monitoring project
    Staff at &Beyond Mnemba Island are involved in a regional tagging programme that monitors the movements of the globally endangered green turtles.
  • Ader’s duiker and suni
    Breeding projects for the rare Ader’s duiker and endangered suni are being run at &Beyond Mnemba Island, with the population of Ader’s duiker tripling in eight years and more than 250 suni relocated off the island.
  • Rhinos Without Border
    In 2011 &Beyond embarked on the first ever private game reserve donation of rhino to another country, when we translocated six white rhino from &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve in South Africa to Botswana’s Okavango Delta. In partnership with Great Plains Conservation, the company is now preparing to translocate up to a further hundred rhino to the country in an initiative designed to help counter the scourge of poaching and preserve this African icon for future generations.

Handpicked Luxury Safaris & Tours


Our tour and safari destinations are the stuff that dreams are made of. And they’re real.

From the deserts of Namibia to the Okavango Delta swamps, from the plains of the Serengeti and Masai Mara to the Indian Ocean archipelagos and South Africa’s famous Big Five game parks, &Beyond shows guests the very best that each dream location has to offer.

Our passion for the earth’s natural high spots has also led us into the jungles and tiger country of India, the mountains and monasteries of Nepal, Sri Lanka and the


Kingdom of Bhutan, and to the white beaches of the Maldives.

&Beyond also offers a full range of travel services. We custom design journeys for our guests to over 1 200 handpicked luxury and adventure travel destinations, hotels and resorts in Africa and Asia.

A journey with &Beyond promises to thrill you by day and spoil you by night. With &Beyond you will fall in love with the world again, just as it should be, and will return with unforgettable stories.

Across our lodges, safari camps and tented camps runs one common thread – a passion for creating exceptional experiences for our guests. Whether you’ve interacted with one of our expert &Beyond tour operators, or been taken on a private guided tour on your Africa safari, you’ll experience our ability to offer expert travel advice and guidance.

We come from many tribes in Africa and speak many different tongues, but, when it comes to guests, we all share the same, warm brand of African hospitality.

Natural Luxury


&Beyond’s lodges, tours and safaris are renowned for their natural luxury, and underpinned by the knowledge and expertise of their highly skilled rangers, trackers, guides and naturalists. By travelling or staying with &Beyond, you are sure to be wowed by our trademark hospitality combined with our ability to offer interpretive wildlife encounters.

Our expert guides and naturalists passionately impart an incomparable wealth of knowledge, personally researched and experienced, about habitats, ecology, birds, trees, plants, animals and insects, providing our guests with enough memorable wildlife experiences to last a lifetime.

A journey with &Beyond through some of the most beautiful settings in Africa and South Asia is not only a luxury experience that promises to reawaken the soul, but an incredible encounter that captures the imagination of discerning travellers of all ages. Throughout your safari with us, we will create moments of awe and beauty that take your breath away, make you laugh until your sides ache and even make you cry a little when it’s time for you to leave.

We believe that wildlife conservation and ecotourism are vital for Africa and Asia’s future and the prosperity of their people. Our passionate belief in the Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife, Care of the People is evident in everything that we do. Together with our social development partner, the Africa Foundation, we have built up a highly successful track record in empowering and enriching the communities that surround the wildlife reserves where we operate.

Whatever your ideal holiday tour, whether it’s an East African safari or a South Asian adventure, by choosing &Beyond, our guests help us to make many small but meaningful differences to our planet.

  • &Beyond’s lodges and camps are situated in Africa and India’s most iconic safari destinations
  • With four of our own full-time ranger training schools, &Beyond is renowned for having the finest guides
  • Dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences for our guests, &Beyond offers outstanding local hospitality
  • Natural luxury is &Beyond’s leading trademark
  • &Beyond’s inspired travel planners create exceptional tailormade travel experiences for every guest
  • &Beyond offers a wide range of specialist safaris, designed to provide unforgettable experiences for our guests
  • At the heart of &Beyond’s brand lies our commitment to caring for communities and conservation